Trophies and Awards

NSMF Trophy List 2023


Elementary                              Canadian Composers              LaBounty Trophy

                                                J.S. Bach                                 Nakagawa-Evans Trophy

                                                Baroque                                   Christopher Chok Trophy

                                                Classical                                  Lillian Gieschen-Highsted Trophy

                                                Romantic                                  Amadeus Music Academy Trophy

                                                Post Romantic                          Donna Symons Trophy

                                                Twenty First Century                Marr Trophy

                                                Popular Music                          Sandy Duke Trophy

                                                Own Choice                             North Shore R.M.T. Trophy

                                                Repertoire                               Jennifer Heyworth Trophy

                                                Technical Study                       Sharon Makarenko Trophy

                                                Concert Group                        Diana Marr Trophy

                                                Concerto                                 Starcevich Studio Trophy

                                                Duet                                        Heidi Kurz Trophy

                                                Duo                                         Greg Semerdjian Trophy

                                                Trios and quartets                   Louise Goodman Trophy

Junior                                      Canadian Composers              Stanislava Deltcheva Trophy

                                                J.S. Bach                                 Helen Hsia Trophy

                                                Baroque                                   Eliza Lenore Stothers Trophy

                                                Classical                                  JoAnn Primeau Trophy

                                                Romantic                                 Sasha Starcevich Trophy

                                                Post Romantic                         Shirley Mann Trophy

                                                Twenty First Century                Lucille Little Trophy

                                                Popular Music                          Tideys Trophy

                                                Own Choice                             Gwen Greenway Music School

                                                Repertoire                                Aline Banno Trophy

                                                Technical Study                       Sasha Starcevich Trophy

                                                Concert Group                        Juanita Ryan Trophy

                                                Concerto                                 Gregory Semerdjian Trophy

                                                Duet                                        Mikaela Bodlack Trophy

                                                Duo                                         Susan Evans Piano Studio Trophy

                                                Trios & Quartets                      Young Performers Trophy

Intermediate                            Canadian Composers             Jason Tjoei Trophy

                                                J.S. Bach                                 Patricia Holme Trophy

                                                Baroque                                   Polly Carnsew Trophy

                                                Classical                                  Fiona Yamashita Trophy

                                                Romantic                                 Iwona Maj Trophy

                                                Post Romantic                         Alison Roberts Trophy

                                                Twenty First Century               Patricia Nicholson Memorial Trophy

                                                Own Choice                            Rozalyn Chok Trophy

                                    Repertoire                                           Jeffrey Luo Trophy

                                    Technical Study                                   Lana Starcevich Trophy

                                    Concert Group                                    Tania Horoupian Trophy

                                    Concerto                                             Fishwick-Skorah Trophy

                                    Duet                                                    Kenneth & Lucy Bolton Trophy

                                    Duo                                                     Nicole Linaksita Trophy

                                    Trios & Quartets                                  Ambleside Music Studio Trophy

Senior                          Canadian & Own Choice                    Simon Bodlack Trophy

                                    Baroque                                               N.S.R.M.T.A. Convention 2004

                                    Classical                                              Alice Rada Trophy

                                    Romantic                                             Nicholas Rada Trophy

                                    Post Romantic                                     Agnes Notte Trophy

                                    Twenty First Century                           Linaksita Trophy

                                    Popular Music – Int & Senior               Everett Trophy

                                    Repertoire                                           Julia Liang-Botelho Memorial Trophy

                                    Technical Study                                  Teresita Botelho Trophy

                                    Concert Group                                    Fiona Yamashita Trophy

                                    Concerto                                             Starcevich Family Trophy

                                    Concert Group Open                          Semerdjian Music Studio Trophy

                                    Duet                                                    Adam Bodlack Trophy

                                    Duo                                                     Toljanich Trophy

                                    Trios & Quartets                                 Forty Flying Fingers Trophy

                                    Creative Composition                         Alexander Pechenyuk Trophy


Elementary                  Repertoire & Own Choice                  Dr. Hey Woun Hyun Trophy

Junior                          Repertoire & Own Choice                  Felde-MatsumotoTrophy

Intermediate                Repertoire & Own Choice                  Jonathan Der Trophy

Senior                          Repertoire & own Choice                   Sanford-Ivanovic Trophy

Elementary/Junior       Concerto                                             Mary Lannon Trophy

Intermediate/Senior    Concerto                                              DiNovo Trophy

Intermediate/Senior    Sonata                                                 Nancy Chiarelli Trophy

All Levels                    Unaccompanied Strings                      Helmut Hoebig Trophy


All Levels                    Most Promising Vocalist                    Patricia Hoebig Memorial Trophy


P – 4                            Woodwinds (all instruments)              Dennis Tymoshenko Trophy

5-12                             Woodwinds (all instruments)              Dennis Tymoshenko Trophy